our big why 

Celebrating Life Ministries was founded to address an ever growing need for excellence in leading Life Celebrations. We believe they can be better. Weddings, funeral services, and new life celebrations can all be done much, much better. Over the past 20 years we have heard countless stories of ceremonies being ruined by unprofessional, untrained Celebrants, Officiants and Chaplains. The stories include, but are not limited to, names being incorrect, embellishing stories, and showing up late or not at all to funerals and weddings.

We exist for the purpose of providing Excellence, Empowerment and Encouragement through professional training and certification for Rites of Passage services.

After years of leading and officiating thousands of Life Celebrations, the founders of Celebrating Life Ministries became burdened to provide professional training and certification to the growing number of people interested in serving couples and families at these crossroads of life. To meet this great need they founded the Life Celebration Institute (LCI) and began training passionate individuals to serve with excellence.

With the wedding and funeral industries being largely unregulated when it comes to standards and accountability for Officiants and Celebrants, LCI set out to create our training and certification organization. LCI has set the standard for excellence in leading and officiating rites of passage in North America.

Over the past 25 years we have heard from hundreds of people that our services and training are the best they have ever experienced.

People take our training in order to be better - to be equipped to provide life celebrations that are personal, professional, and far exceed current standards of what is available. We are the best.